Inquiry-based Learning


Bloom’s Taxonomy

Inquiry based learning is a hallmark of Holy Family Catholic Academy’s “thinking curriculum” and is supported by the findings of current educational research and best practices. HFCA’s use of this method in preschool through Grade 8 is consistently aligned with the teaching goals of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) and was an impetus to seek authorization as an IB World School.

Inquiry-based learning…

  • moves education beyond memorization of facts to higher levels of thinking and problem solving. Students continue to learn reading, writing and math facts, however, this knowledge becomes the basis for new learning as it is applied to authentic issues.
  • provides a student-centered, active learning approach that focuses on questioning, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • involves working in a team thereby allowing students at different developmental stages to experiment, observe, research and collaborate in problem solving.
  • incorporates multiple disciplines in the same project.
  • reinforces to students that “real world” problem solving involves the application of math, science, social studies, and language arts skills,
  • Includes a final product and student presentation that uses technology to produce brochures, booklets, digital presentations, movies or dramas that demonstrate student learning.

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