Our Graduates

HS-Matriculation-(1)Holy Family Catholic Academy graduates have attended over 15 different area public, Catholic and private high schools. Our goal is to ensure that our students are prepared academically, socially and spiritually for high school and beyond. To that end, we are committed to reviewing our curriculum with area high schools to ensure alignment. Specifically:

  • HFCA’s Middle School Spanish curriculum uses the same text as area high school’s Spanish 1 course. HFCA students are positioned to enter high school as Spanish 2 students.
  • Our Middle School Math curriculum includes two years of Algebra and also offers a new math elective, Honors Geometry to qualifying 8th grade students. This course uses the same curriculum, textbook and exams as Fremd High School.
  • HFCA actively connects with area high schools to ensure our curriculum continues to be aligned with high school expectations.
  • In collaboration with District 211, HFCA administers benchmark tests, which are independently scored by Fremd High School and returned to HFCA. Evaluation of this data gives us objective information on how our curriculum aligns with high school programs.
  • Most importantly, HFCA has built relationships and credibility to area high schools so that we are positioned to advocate for the proper placement of our graduates in high school courses.

Former Student and Parent Testimonies:

Speech presented by Brian Rosenwinkel (HFCA 2013) given on April 26, 2017 at Middle School Information Night–Preparing Students for High School and Beyond.

“Did you hear the thunder roll? For the third time this year my son said, ‘Mrs. Carso really prepared us well for high school. She knew what she was doing.'” (T.C. ’16)

“My daughter was recognized for academic excellence in social studies at St .Viator. She could not have received this without her HFCA teachers paving the way and honing her critical thinking skills.” (A.M. ’15)

“I would like to thank my amazing teachers who truly cared about me and prepared me so well for high school. I am a straight-A student, I am on the volleyball team, and I am very active at my high school!” (S.P ’15)

“It goes without saying that HFCA and St. Ignatius College Prep maintain rigorous academic standards, but to me the real differentiator is knowing that my HFCA teachers and now my St. Ignatius teachers sincerely care about me as a person.” (C.K. ’14)

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