Room Parent


Thank you for volunteering to be a Room Parent for your child’s classroom.  This is a unique opportunity to get to know and assist your child’s teacher and other children in his/her class. Your primary role is to act as the liaison between the teacher and the parents of students in your class.  You are in a unique position to assist in the development of a social network between the parents, enhance community spirit and establish an atmosphere of communication.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in your position as Room Parent.

Communication is the key to a positive Room Parent experience:

  • Communicate with each Room Parent.
  • Communicate with the teacher to understand her needs.
  • Communicate with the parents so that they are informed and can volunteer to help meet those needs.

Your job is NOT to do all the work, but to locate and coordinate others who would like to volunteer.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with your child’s teacher this year.  You may contact the Room Parent Coordinator for additional assistance or with any questions.

Room Parent Coordinator:  Erica Byers
Cell phone:  847.845.0214

K-8 Responsibilities/Party Guidelines

All room parents must complete a background check and attend VIRTUS training.  Forms/information may be obtained through the school office.

Information or observations about individual children are to be kept confidential.  If you observe or perceive a problem with any student, please notify the teacher, teacher’s assistant or administration only.

You will receive specific information regarding parties from the classroom teacher.

Attend the Room Parent training session.  The Room Parent Coordinators will provide training and advice to room parents.

Room Parents may be asked to assist the teacher at classroom parties, notify parents of other pertinent classroom/school information as well as assist the teachers as the need arises.  Room Parents are encouraged to attend Parent Association meetings and communicate information to classroom parents.  Parent Association meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 9:00 a.m.  (Younger Siblings are always welcome).   At least one Room Parent from each class should try and attend each meeting. You may elect to alternate attendance with your assistant room parents. As members of the Parent Association and the Room Parents Committee, Room Parents are helpful in promoting Parent Association sponsored Events and enhancing involvement in the Parent Association.

Draft a letter of introduction to parents and provide contact numbers and information.  Please obtain teacher approval prior to distribution.

During classroom volunteer time such as parties, please make arrangements for younger siblings. Siblings are not allowed in the classroom during parties.

Ask the classroom teacher to contact you if/when a child starts in the classroom after the beginning week of school. You, as the Room Parent, are asked to welcome the new family and distribute their home information to the rest of the class.

The Room Parent is not required to collect money for teacher appreciation gifts.

Room Parent Responsibilities

In addition to the prior guidelines mentioned, at least one Room Parent has the following responsibilities:

Set up a meeting with your teacher to discuss needs for the school year, including but not limited to:

  • Dates/times for parties
  • Needs/preferences for treats, beverages, paper products, games/activities, etc.
  • Determine if the teacher requires any additional ongoing classroom volunteers or volunteers for special projects.

Following the meeting with the teacher, the Room Parents should all plan to meet to review the needs and assign responsibilities.

One Room Parent should act as a primary contact for teacher, parents, and other Room Parents.

Holiday Party Guidelines

The classroom parties for Kindergarten through 5th grade are Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

The total number of volunteers for each party may not exceed six.  Therefore, if there are three Room Parents, and each Room Parent wants to attend every party (which is allowed), then there will only be an additional three volunteers allowed at the party. Any requests for special classroom parties (i.e. shower for the teacher) must be approved by administration.

In addition to Holiday parties, Room Parents are responsible for various events throughout the school year:

  • 1st grade provides hospitality for Kindergarten Graduation.
  • 3rd grade provides hospitality for 2nd grade May Crowning.
  • 6th grade provides hospitality for 8th grade Graduation.
  • 7th grade provides hospitality for 8th grade luncheon.

Holiday parties should begin at 2:15 (11:00 on 12/19) with a setup beginning at 2:00 pm (10:45 on 12/19).  These parties should consist of a treat/drink, games, and/or crafts/activities. All activities must be completed no later than 3:15 pm (please make sure all clean-up is complete prior to 3:30 pm).

The classroom parties for Middle School are Halloween and Christmas.  These Room Parents should speak with the teachers to learn about specific requirements for each party.

Please provide the classroom teacher with a list of ingredients/food items for each party to ensure all allergies in the classroom are respected.

Sample Email

October 1, 2014

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the room parents for Mrs. Applegate’s classroom!  We are looking forward to a great year of celebrations for the kids and to getting to know all of you.

During the school year, there are three holiday celebrations – Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day – which will require some parent assistance.    We will reach out to you to let you know what you can bring to help with the party.

We have divided the class list into the following three groups to give each family an opportunity to participate in the preparations for these celebrations.

Ahluwalia Biafora Bird
Byers Chavez Christoph
DiGangi Duval Feeley
George Gounaris Groebner
Kadiyala Knudtson Kordas
Lopez Mann Marousis
Persky Rubenstein Skop
Vonah Wessel Widmayer

As your assigned holiday approaches, one of us will contact you, via letter in your child’s backpack, and ask you to donate a celebration-related item.

Thanks for your assistance.  We really look forward to meeting you in the near future and to making this a great year for our kids.  Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions or suggestions.


Mrs. Applegate’s Room Parents (include names and contact info)

Holiday Party Resources